Sound Energy Healing 

Anita is trained as Sound Energy Healer,  massage practitioner using Tibetan singing bowls. She is a member of  the Sound Energy  Medicine Practitioners Association SEMPA.  Anita does one to one sessions and she often brings her tibetan singing bowls to  her yoga classes for a sound bath, known as Nada Yoga.

What is Sound Healing?

Sound energy healing, sometimes known as vibroacoustic massage, simply uses sound. Anita uses the Tibetan Singing bowls to create the sound, an ancient Tibetan practice. It is deeply relaxing, meditative, relaxing and healing. Healing can be on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. The vibrations created by a singing bowl, vibrate through the body, helping the body release subtle tensions, the relaxtion promotes healing. Sound healing has many positive results in the treatment of many health conditions, some of which are listed below.

What to expect?

Treatments available  - Sound Energy Massage and 5 Elements Balance Sound Bath.

You remain fully clothed and be warm. It is preferable that you wear natural fibres and  don't wear or have on any metal and buttons. You will be asked to remove your glasses and jewelry. 

Sound energy healing or vibroacoustic massage is generally a very safe treatment, but you will still be asked to complete a health form, as there are some medical conditions that sound cannot be used, for example if you have a pacemaker. Some conditions also mean that placing the bowl on the body should be avoided.

Please be advised that after the session you are will be in a deeply relaxed state and it is advised that you don't drive for a minimum of 15 minutes afterwards. 

To book

Please contact Anita directly to arrange a suitable time. The appointment lasts around an hour.

This is sacred practice which Anita is honouring , to date she has completed many free treatments to friends and relatives, and also some taken payment in the form of a service and until she reaches her 50th client will she won't be taking direct payment. She is currently asking for a  minimum £30 donation which will be donated to your chosen charity. 

Money raised has gone to:


'Deeply relaxing, felt as if a releasing of all of the noise'...

'I experienced a deep sense of relaxation and stillness after my treatment. I slept well with no hot flushes for a few nights. My sense is that the sound frequencies have the ability to balance the hypothalamus. I think it to be a wonderful treatment and will recommend it, I would definitely have it again.'

'Helped with grief...'

'Lower back hip area on right, much less painful and feels softer.... Lovely session

Deeply relaxing'

'Mind blowing'

'Had a very happy unbroken night's sleep'

'Btw last night was the first time in many many many months that I went to sleep and the next thing I knew it was morning . Normally I have very on off restless sleeps and sometimes awake for hours! 

I do feel amazing this morning. First time in  such a long time, so thank you'