Is Yoga for me ?

Why Practice Yoga?

Practice Yoga for joy! For relaxation,  strength,  flexibility, health, well being and to keep you youthful. For many it improves sleep, is energising, improves posture and helps with digestion. Regular practice harmonises the mind and the body, reducing stress and  anxiety through movements synchronised to your  breathing. Yoga is not exercise, it’s more than that, it works on the mind, body and soul. You will come out of class feeling - calm, relaxed, energised, your body will feel toned as if you have done a gentle workout. Many practices can be used  specifically to  help  reduce stress and  anxiety. Yoga often helps reduce and relieve aches and pains, in short Yoga will make you feel fantastic!

Do I need to be flexible ?

No, yoga will improve your flexibility over time.

Do I need to be fit ?

No, there is always an option to have a lie down, you do what feels good for you. 

Who is suited for chair yoga ?

Anyone that struggles to get up and down from the floor.

What if I have health issues?

You  will be given a health questionnaire before your first class. Movements can be adapted to you personal needs, and certain postures can be introduced or avoided depending on your unique state of health.

Yoga is for everyone ? 

Yes it is, for all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. You don’t need any prior knowledge. You definitely don’t need to be flexible! We are all able to benefit from mindful movement and breathing practices that have been developed and passed down over centuries.

What to expect ?

I teach traditional Hatha yoga classes with the addition  of  some modern contemporary practices. Classes are themed and varied, a typical class will include breathing practices known as pranayama, posture work - known as asanas, meditation and relaxation. Classes  will often include a sequence such as a sun or moon salutation, chanting and mudras. Postures are practised with the rhythm of your  breath and everyone is encouraged to relax into the positions and not to attempt anything uncomfortable. 

What to bring ?

A yoga mat and a blanket is all that is needed, you may also like a yoga block too. Wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in and have an extra  layer to put on or remove.  For chair yoga a mat is not  needed.