Yoga at Work

Have you considered group yoga classes in your workplace ?

Teaching simple yoga stretches and postures, breathing techniques, meditation and mindfulness exercises to employees. Yoga in the workplace enhances the mental and physical well-being of employees, reducing stress, improving sleep, flexibility, staff morale and develops team building and can reduce sickness.

No specialist equipment required, only chairs and EVERYONE can be included as it is not about physical fitness.

  • Higher performing staff who are more energised and focused

  • Less stressed, more motivated and happier staff

  • Better staff morale and team building

Office yoga for stress release is one of the prime benefits as it reduces heart rate, blood pressure, tension and ultimately has a positive effect on anxiety and depression. I can come to your workplace to provide yoga sessions for your staff, sessions from 30 - 60 minutes, before the working day, at lunchtime or after work to suit you and your team.

As an employer you may consider - a one off yoga workshop for wellbeing, team building days to regular weekly or monthly yoga classes.

Contact me to find out more and to discuss your requirements.